Getting a prosthesis is almost impossible The healthcare system is costly and very slow

Very Delayed - to get a prosthesis with the healthcare system in Colombia, people are required to file a public demand and sometimes fight for it in court. The majority of cases are turned down or delayed up to two and a half years. Obviously, sooner or later a lot of people give up their dream to be able to walk like everybody else.

Very Expensive - On the market, modular prosthesis (that allows replacing just the spare parts when necessary, without having to change the whole prosthesis) are extremely costly, because they're imported from countries like Germany, USA or Iceland.

No Maintenance - The prosthesis of the healthcare system are provided as a one-off aid, without any follow-up support to ensure proper adaption and correct use. Also, broken parts can't be exchanged which reduce the lifetime of the prosthesis.

It's Straightforward

We're here to help, not to make things bureaucratic and complicated. Once we receive an application, we visit the family at home. There, we get to know everyone, to start the psychological rehabilitation process (Society-based rehabilitation) taking into account the whole family. Meanwhile, we start to gather resources (scrap metal and donations) from individuals, companies and awareness-raising school campaigns. As soon as we've got the necessary amount together, we start manufacturing the prosthesis, which will take maximum 8 days until we deliver it.

It's Eco-friendly

We love our planet, and by up-cycling scrap metal, we can help to protect it. That's why 70% of our raw material is scrap metal (Iron, steel, alumium and copper). In fact, anything of any kind of scrap metal you were going to throw away helps us: We give it another cycle of life and make it walk.

It's Personalised

Everyone is unique and inimitable, each one of with different preferences and opinions. That's why everything we manufacture is highly personalised according to taste and comfort of the beneficiary - even its design!

The solution is scrap metal

Our manufacturing process starts with gathering scrap metal, which makes up 70% of the raw material - without reducing the quality of the final product. Using our special machinery we then turn it into parts of a prosthesis. Because of that, our technical aids cost less than 30% than comparable products on the market, and even allow preemptive maintenance. Like this, we help a lot of people to start walking again – easy, fast, and sustainable.

Modular prosthesis

Thanks to the modular design of our products we can exchange any part in a matter of minutes. Moreover, an exact adjustment to the needs of the beneficiary is easier, and the lifetime of a prosthesis much longer (compared to prosthesis on the market).

Technical solutions of mobility

A prostehsis is not the right choice for everyone. We also manufacture other technical aids, like rollators, crutches and wheelchair bikes, among others. All of our products guarantee ease of use, durability, and easy maintenance without having to deal with the high prices of imported products.


To proactively ensure a long lifetime and prevent normal wear and tear damage, we offer an affordable maintenance service for all of our products that guarantees interruption-free usability.

Raising awareness

Our psychosocial approach called 'community-based rehabilitation (CBR)' involves the whole family and the environment of the beneficiary. It helps them to accept their condition faster and - with the help of their surroundings - adapt to it accordingly. Like this, they are preparing to confront new challenges of their daily lives.
Miryam Has diabetes
I feel so thankful to FUNDAFE because the Lord put me here on my way and gave me this prosthesis. My body has assimilated it very well.
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Cristian Had cancer
My experience with FUNDAFE has been hilarious! I joined the foundation when I was three years old and they have always been helping me as I grew. Today I'm even happier because I got a sport prosthesis with which I can run like an athlete.
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Miguel Victim of violence
I'd like to give my most cordial thanks to FUNDAFE! Here, I know I have a family. Thank you so much for helping so many people like you helped me before. Congratulations to your work.
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Diego Had cancer
Thanks to the Lord, Juan and Ana today I'm walking. In my time with FUNDAFE I've learned a lot: I learned that I'm not disabled, just a person with different abilities.
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Rodrigo Had an accient with public transportation
To be able to walk again has been a great step to stay triumphant. I love my prothesis and I'm so happy I can walk!
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Orlando Has diabetes
Thanks to FUNDAFE my life has changed entirely.
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Our work is only possible with your help

Although we make scrap metal walk, the future of our beneficiaries depends also on you. Please unite your heart with FUNDAFE to help us help!

Procedures How does it all work?

FUNDAFE is a lifetime commitment


Get in touch

With a simple call, an e-mail or with the contact form below the beneficiary can submit their application.


Home visits

We visit the beneficiary and his family at home to get to know the family, take a few diagnostic steps and learn more about family-related and socio-economic matters.


Gather resources

Finding resources isn't easy - but it's certainly easier when we embed the beneficiaries in the process. We take them to scholar campaigns, company meetings, perform awareness-raising activities and visit sponsors.



The beneficiary and their family also take part in the manufacturing of their prosthesis. We do that to ensure an optimal fit between body and prosthesis - and to make sure the beneficiary gets it exactly the way he wants it.


Start walking

When we deliver the prosthesis to the beneficiary, he becomes a member of the FUNDAFE community where he can find a lot of other people with experiences, dreams and projects similar to his own ones. We provide continuous technical and psychological follow-up work with the goal to help all of our beneficiaries attain full acceptation and integration in society.

Put environmental education to work

Our campaign "Let's make scrap metal walk" can make part of your environmental education because of its cutting-edge approach to up-cycling scrap metal and making an enormous social impact at the same time. We like to work with the whole school: School board, teachers, students, and even their families. But your school can lead the campaign and define the extent to which it wants to involve itself. Just give us a call or drop us a line using the form below, and we'll be in touch.

Raise awareness

In order to fully comply with school policies, we'll make a detailed schedule for teachers, students (and even parents) defining the focus of the campaign, that can be social or ecological.


Together, we'll define pick-up places and dates. We can run the campaign for three months, or just two weeks - you decide. But if we set ourselves high standards, we can achieve more.

Help people to start walking

We'll manufacture the prosthesis for the person the campaign was made for as soon as the campaign is over. To say thank you, we can visit the beneficiary in your institution, which will multiply the impact on your students.

Assume social responsibility

Watch how the value of your scrap metal increases by taking on your social responsibility and starting to serve a person that already lost hope to be able to walk again. We're happy to introduce them to you, too.

Share your scrap

In order to fully comply with school policies, we'll make a detailed schedule for teachers, students (and even parents) defining the focus of the campaign, that can be social or ecological.

Get amazed

You'll be surprised of how fast we make your scrap metal walk. We love to share the stories and the happiness of our beneficiaries when they can take their first steps. If you want, we can even assemble and deliver the prosthesis on your premises as part of an awareness-raising campaign in your institution and your corporate social responsibility programme.

Pay less taxes

Since we're a not-for-profit organisation, you'll get a tax-deductible certificate. That means, you benefit even financially.

Help in numbers Success stories

Just with scrap metal, know-how and a few tools we've been helping so many people to find hope by starting to walk again, by embedding them into an integral rehabilitation process involving their whole environment


Our beneficiaries are rehabilitated people from all over Colombia organised in a community.


Because we're always on the lookout, we can offer continuous preemptive maintenance and to make sure our beneficiaries can use our prosthesis throughout their lives.

Technical solutions

Besides prosthesis we also manufacture other technical solutions to provide mobility and displacement. They have equally high quality standards, and come with a modular design so we can do maintenance whenever it's necessary.


Since 2007 we're designing, manufacturing, assembling and delivering hope to be able to walk again, as affordable, fast and straightforward products that our beneficiaries can use almost forever.

Our teamInspiring and transforming so many lives

I'm industrial mechanic in service of the people with different abilities
Founder and technician Juan Salcedo
I'm passionate to make things better. It's fascinating to see that the effect of everything I do here is multiplied and has an even bigger impact.
Communication and networking Nicolás Nunca

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